A Glimpse of ‘Vellvette Box’ – The recent trend-setter for make-up lovers.

What is a Vellvette Box?

It was the last week of July and my curiosity kept building up at a rapid pace awaiting my gift for the month of July. I don’t know why; but even when I am in the most depressed state, when I offer myself a make-up product as a gift I just let go of the depression deep down there and my energy just multiplies right away – the amount which I hardly witness quite often.

“Gifting Myself” – Yes, you are right! It is similar to shopping but it is still a gift. Ok I would stop these little hints here and let all my lovable ladies out here know about a very important trend setter of this period ‘Vellvette Box’.

I came to know about the Vellvette Box through Google Ads and for the first time I felt it was a genuine ad which helped me increase my knowledge across International Brands. I am sure you might have got a little hint here.

We might not be able to experience all the brands unless it is most reputed or at least quite reputed in India. Not all the International Brands are popular in India except a handful. If we move a step ahead and explore we would be able to name 1000’s of International Brands which manufactures stunning products but how do you think we will ever be able to experience them unless or until our near and dear ones in abroad are aware of it.

Vellvette Crew keeps us informed about the deserving products from International Brands that we are unaware of. It is obviously not free of cost but it is absolutely affordable to all of us who don’t mind trying cosmetics from International Brands at an economic price.

How does this work?

A lot of deserving products based on the satisfactory experience of the Vellvette crew keeps getting added on their site. From this list they pick up samples or ( if you are lucky) even full size products and they pack it up for you every month.

You might wonder what if that product doesn’t suit me. First of all, before you order your booking you will have to fill up a questionnaire that will comprise of your hair nature, skin texture and much more related to you. Once you fill that, beauty experts will choose products that will suit your individuality and you will be receiving only those products.

The interesting fact is that you wouldn’t know which products you will receive. It is still kept as a surprise every month until you receive it. On their facebook page you can keep a note of it for few hints on the upcoming products and trust me you would be much more excited after seeing the hints. It is worth a wait.


Every month they have an innovative theme and products will be based on that theme. A couple of products will fall under this category and not all will get the same products. Based on the questionnaire you filled during initial registration the sample products might be allotted to you.

As I mentioned earlier if you are lucky enough, then you will get a full size product too. Few months back, we had an organic theme. And the products that we got were based on natural extracts like Organic Lip Balm and organic moisturizing lotion and so on.

Product Usage Pamphlet

You might have this question; – How do I know to use the products in the right manner? You don’t need to give a thought about it because along with the sample products, they give you cute pamphlets which guides you how to use the product.

Also you will get to know the price of the full-size product and you can order it online on Vellvette website itself. You will also be given discount codes which you can use while ordering full products online.


I was so surprised when I came to know that I can easily experience cosmetics from International Brands at a very affordable price. They have subscriptions ranging from 1 month, 3 months, half-yearly and annual.

The price starts from 499 for 1 month, 1099 for 3 months, 1999 for half-yearly and 3599 for annual subscription.

If you are calculative; you can very well opt for the annual plan which costs you just 300 per month, quite impressive right!!!

You can check out their website here – http://www.vellvette.com/

What could be the Motto of the Vellvette Team?

If you ask me what could be the motto of the Vellvette Crew, It could just be one;

“A platform to let thousands of customers experience fabulous products from International Brands at an affordable cost”


Till date I never faced any issues with the shipment and mails are continuously being sent to track the order through courier and Tadaaaaaaaaa!!! you will receive your gift quite early from the day you ordered.

My July Vellvette Box

Take a look at the black beauty! Here is a glimpse of my July Vellvette Box, what is inside; will follow in the next post.

Vellvette Box

P.S: Out of my own interest and my satisfactory experience after using the products that Vellvette has offered me has led me to take up this blog as an opportunity to let everyone know about the same. I haven’t been asked by Vellvette to feature this post and all the details written above are out of my own experience, interest and thoughts.

Stay tuned for more updates on my July Vellvette Box.


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