My Secret Wishlist !!! Ssshhhhh!!!

My Secret Wishlist

It has been quite a busy morning but definitely a satisfactory one compared to most of the lethargic days in my life. That aimless moment when you are glued to the chair; when you feel that your entire world lies inside your laptop; when you keep scrolling facebook pages for new stories; when you open Google Search and keep wondering what you must search; when you aimlessly open IRCTC to check tickets availability for your unplanned trip that would fall decades later. 

Everyone of us do have such aimless days; however today was definitely not of that sort. My source of inspiration for this title came up from this book “The Secret Wishlist” by Preeti Shenoy. I am yet to read the book but I am so thrilled for I purchased it this morning. I also tried a lot to keep myself away from buying cosmetics but at-last I couldn’t resist buying a Faces blush (Rubor) which was on 50 % off.  (I will definitely do a review of this sometime soon :P)

That feeling when a ‘Flat X% off’ catches your eye and no matter what happens after that your legs would just direct you towards the board. This reminds me to shoot a statement ‘Gals are actually not bad with directions’ provided every corner has a ‘Flat X% Off’ board. In that manner we would easily be able to give away directions to anyone ‘Take a right from 50% off and a U-turn near 40% off and take left from ‘Buy 1 Get 2’ and walk straight, you can find me standing near ‘Upto 70% off’, Voila ! I reached in less than a minute (says your friend who always got issues with your directionless attitude :P)

I was so thrilled with these 2 purchases which costed me less than 400 bucks; however I really thought that I did some justice financially for not spending more time in the mall else I would have ended up in swiping those 2 ‘Hyper Active CC cards’ which is always ready to take a peek at the billing counters almost everywhere.

Ooops ! It is already 3 Paragraphs and haven’t come to the point yet. This happens almost all the time for I try hard every time to cut it short but in vain. OK; I just warned my fingers  and mind & they promised me that they won’t be distracted anymore. “My Secret Wishlist” is nothing except the list of products that I have kept in mind which I madly want to purchase sometime soon. (My synonym for ‘Sometime soon’ has its validity only for 1 or 2 months :P).

Recently I went through Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 winners list and for a second I thought that I must own all of them. So I went through the list and tried to pick some for myself (here picking refers to – adding in the shopping cart inside my head :P).

As I already own a MAC Foundation I skipped the winning foundation (however that was also from MAC, so I was quite satisfied) .

Next it was the concealer, M.A.C Pro Conceal and Correct Palette, Medium Deep had taken the crown. 

I just gave it a thought and before I added it to my wishlist I was disappointed seeing the price. So I removed it from my shopping cart immediately without any second thoughts. But I told myself, we will definitely get it some day :D. Similarly I ran through a couple of products and I thought I will confirm my shopping cart with these products below.(Confirmation is confined only within my head and it is practically possible whenever budget is available 😛 )

My Secret Wishlist (Yet to Be Purchased)

Beauty within my budget

1) Cleanser – Yves Rocher Velvety Cleansing Milk

2) Toner –  Yves Rocher Velvety Cleansing Toner

3) Primer – Yves Rocher Perfect Primer 

4) Complexion Care Cream – Lakme CC Cream

5) Kajal – Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate ( Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 Winner)

( I am impressed with the deepest black color and the smokey effect facility provided at the other end of kajal)

6) Mascara – L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 Winner)

Beauty (out of my budget :P) but still in my list 😉 Quite confident that I will accomplish this list sometime soon 😛

7) Bronzer – Benefit Sun Beam (Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 Winner)

8) For uneven skin tone – Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ( Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 Winner)

9) Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Skin Brightening Exfoliator ( Vogue Beauty Awards 2013 Winner)

10) MAC Professional 190 Foundation Brush (Trust me, this is equally priced similar to MAC foundation which is around 1900 INR, that’s why it has taken the last place in my list).

And that’s my secret wishlist which is not-so-a-secret anymore. I have checked out the reviews for these and finally came to a conclusion that these products will suit me the most.

If at all you get a chance to try them, please do give it a try. Some picks are from the winners list of Vogue Beauty Awards 2013, I did a vast review of the winners list and picked few products which I thought I needed the most.

The first 6 products falls within my budget but the remaining 4 exceeds my limitation that I have set for a single product. However if you can spend more bucks , then just go grab your favorite products and do share your experience.

So haven’t you complied your Secret Wishlist yet???

Feel free to share your list and I will be honored to feature it in my blog 😀 😀 😀

Catch you soon with another interesting review ! Have a great weekend Gals !!!


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