LipIce – Lip Color ‘Hotty Pink’ shade Review

Wohooooooo ! Finally a short break from my tight-monotonous schedule ๐Ÿ˜€ Touch wood ! So lucky for having grabbed a vacation up-til 26th of August and I am already sunk in vacation mood since last Tuesday for I had been to Chennai for a short trip to my aunt’s place. I had been to her newly purchased flat for the first time and her apartment being located on the 6th floor gave me a truck load of memories to carry truly because of the view that I got in her balcony.

I spent hours in Balcony staring at the moon (obviously at night), shimmering lights, breezy wind (I never knew Chennai had a cooler side too :P) . Luckily it was pouring cats and dogs and no longer I was worried about the sun and so my Sunscreen lotion took its place deep inside my bag for it had no responsibilities lined up. So what did I do during the day? I just stood in the balcony and felt that it was the best lighting that I had witnessed in daylight and I really wanted to utilize the daylight for my reviews.

So got my bag and scattered my cosmetics ; all that I had brought from Bangalore and started clicking photos/swatches of the products and it eventually gave me a sense of contentment. I really couldn’t disturb my mother and aunt for shopping as they had very less time to gossip in person about every other occurrence they are aware on this earth and my busy uncle who played a spectator role hearing to my family gossips.

However felt contented for having my own time in the balcony and utilizing the most of it for the product reviews. Deviated much but couldn’t resist expressing bits and pieces of my vacation which just began now. Today I am going to do a review on ‘LipIce’ Lip Color – ‘Hotty Pink’ shade.

I had always been looking for a lip balm with an add-on lip color which could do both the jobs of lipstick and lip-balm. And finally found LipIce – Lip Color – Hotty Pink shade in Health and Glow outlet, Bangalore.

LipIce Color

What does the Company Claim?

1) Moisturizes Lips with the help of enriched Natural Beeswax & Mineral Oil.

2) Gives a smooth & even finish.

3) With enhanced high moisturizing formula it is capable of keeping the lips soft, smooth and nourished.

4) Consists of Micro Shine granules which is capable of giving a sparkling glow.

5) Guards your lips from UVA/UVB rays with the help of UV protection.

6) No smudging caused.

What does my experience claim?

1) It glides easily on lips.

2) Keeps it hydrated all the time.

3) Gives a very smooth finish.

4) Keeps my lips moisturized.

5) It gives a spectacular color on lips.

Here is a closer look at the product.

LipIce Hotty Pink

The packaging is very simple and compact wherein it fits right into your purse. In order to avoid breakage, do not pop it out much. About the company’s claim on the Micro shine capability, I totally agree with it as the shine that you get on your lips after wearing it is impeccable.


When you take a closer look at the product you could see the shimmer particles but they do not stick on your lips when you wear them. Normally it stays for about half-an-hour or at the max if you don’t eat or drink anything it can stay for 1 hour. This is not designed for longer stay and the purpose is to keep your lips moisturized frequently with an add-on of lip color. So if you are all set to attend a wedding ย or a party or a short meet-up then this is the right product for you.

Feel fresh for few mins with this LipIce and when you have this feeling that it is fading, quietly walk into a place where you can get a lil touch-up again.

The shade which I have picked is ‘Hotty Pink’ and there are other shades like Flirty Mauve,ย Naughty Orange, Pouty Pink and Crazyย Brown available.

The price is around 200 INR in outlets and you can purchase it online at a price starting from Rs 170 depending on the offers specifically provided on the sites.

Here is a closer look at the swatches.


Demo of LipIce ‘Hotty Pink’ Shade


So if you are that girl who is looking for a lip balm + moisturizer + Shine + Color and who doesn’t mind taking frequent walks for touch-ups, then this is absolutely the right product for you.

Stay tuned for more updates on another interesting review.


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