July Vellvette Box Picks

Overwhelmed to see my blog overflowing with posts and this is how it is going to be for another one week. Readers please bear it :D. I couldn’t think of anything else to productively spend my vacation upon 😛

First of all I would like to thank all my readers for the overflowing response. It has been a very short journey for me as a beginner in beauty blogging but really overwhelmed with the comments, responses, and followers of my blog. Definitely 600 hits in such a short time is still something big for me that I could boast about for the rest of my life. Thank you all again 😀

Today I am going to take you all through a Vellvette Tour. As I promised earlier, I am privileged to let you all take a glimpse at the Vellvette Picks from the Vellvette Crew for the month of July.

July Vellvette Box

Of Course! It is quite late already but still the post is dedicated to all the lovable readers out there whose interest wouldn’t fade away to grab July happenings 😀

So when I opened the black beauty I received, she looked like this with so many surprises waiting inside.

July Vellvette Box 1

And then Tadaaaaaaaaa ! The July Vellvette Picks were revealed 😀

July Vellvette Box 2

Products that I received this July in my Vellvette Box

1)      Sally Hansen Hands, Nails and Cuticles Crème

Sally Hansen Creme

2)      Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist

Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist

3)      LASplash Glitter Mascara

LASplash Glitter Mascara

4)      Bling Nail Appliques – 19

Bling Nail Appliques 1 Bling Nail Appliques 2

5)      LASplash Liquid Eyeliner (Gold Shade) (I received this product for winning in ‘Mesmer Eyes’ contest conducted by Vellvette)

LASplash Liquid Eyeliner

I will definitely review each of these products separately sometime soon but as of now I have jotted down my overall experience with these products. I used almost all the products except the Nail Appliques (as my nails are too short and there is no scope for application :P) and I must say that I loved it all.

When it comes to the Sally Hansen hands, nails and cuticles crème, I was so surprised to witness that my nail growth has been pretty fast compared to what it had been before. Trust me! The Cream does miracles on nails and I am so excited that my nails are growing too fast which is why I have kept my Bling Nail Appliqués aside locked in my beauty box so that I can try them once my nails grow pretty longer.

Nyassa Morning Dew Body Mist has been very refreshing with an absolutely energetic fragrance but my experience claim that the effect stays only for a couple of hours not the whole day.

And about the next product, I received black shade in LASplash Glitter Mascara but I would have been on cloud nine if I had received the blue shade which is much mesmerizing however they never fail to enhance the volume of my lashes which makes me fall in love with black shade all over again.

LASplash Liquid Eyeliner (Gold Shade) – I must say that I had been lucky enough to win the ‘Mesmer Eyes’ contest conducted by Vellvette and as a token of appreciation they awarded me this product. I was also given the privilege to choose my favorite shade and I opted for gold color. I tried them on my eyes and they were fabulous I must say! They perfectly fit for evening parties/wedding/celebrations 😀

This time it had been quite a great experience with quick fix themed July Vellvette Box 😀 Awaiting August Vellvette Box and will be back with another interesting post 😀 This time the theme is based on the best picks from ‘HollyWood’ . Very much excited about the arrival of my August box. If you haven’t ordered it yet, I guess its the right time for you to get it done before the deadline ends. Don’t miss it ! Uptil then *waving hands* to all my lovable beauties out there 😀 See you soon !


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