Jovees Lip Balm – ‘Lemon’ Review

Helloooooooo Ladiesssssssssssss ! Hope all of you had an awesome weekend 🙂 I am having quite a tough one though; Nose, throat and cough – All channels blocked and eating up my day ! However I couldn’t resist turning on my system, staring at it with puffy eyes and blown-up nose for another interesting review.

This time I am going to share some clicks, pros and cons of Jovees Lip Balm. I never knew about this lip balm until I received it in my first Vellvette box. P.S – My obsession with Vellvette Box increases by the day 🙂 However I wouldn’t have definitely known this brand if not in this manner. Here is a quick look at the product.


Jovees Lip Balm - Lemon

So the yellow color obviously reminds us of lemon and that is the flavor I received. There are also 2 other shades ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Lavender’ available.  Jovees Lip Balm comes packaged in a cute jar and is of 5g in quantity.

Jovees Lip Balm, just like any other lip balm is a right cure for dry, chapped or dull lips. Post application your lips will absolutely feel moisturized and better than before. Company claims that it ‘Restores Moisture, Soothes and Conditions the Delicate Lip Area’. 


Vitamin A, B, C and E


Olive Oil Extracts


In addition to this, the balm also consists of Lemon, Jojoba and Wheatgerm. The balm is so soft to touch and I felt that the packaging could have been better if it had been inside a tube, just like Vaseline.

Although it is compact to carry around, somewhere I feel it isn’t hygienic to frequently dip our fingers inside and use it. In fact many genuine reviews on net state that people who have long nails find it little disturbing when the balm gets inside their nails during application.

However in my personal experience I find the product good and it moisturizes pretty well. Also I frequently use the product before applying lipstick for longer stay and you can check out more details on my previous post here.

The good thing is the price; Grab a Jovees Lip Balm in Flipkart for just 65 INR. I haven’t tried other products from Jovees but this definitely seems like a good brand with products at an affordable price. Here is a quick look at the demo of Jovees Lip Balm – Lemon Flavor.

Demo - Jovees Lip Balm - Lemon

I am sure you are able to find the difference from dry lips to the moisturized one. So here goes the pros and cons of this product.


1) Moisturizes well

2) Glides easily on lips

3) Smells like lemon (quite obvious :p but I meant that the product hasn’t lost its nativity odor)

4) Gives an ease of comfort post application

5) Stays around 1-2 hrs if you don’t eat/drink anything

6) Helps your lipsticks last longer 

7) Affordable Price


1) Need frequent application to keep your lips moisturized

2) Thumbs down to Jar packaging 

3) Need retouch again if we eat/drink after application

4) Flavors are limited, would have been welcoming if more flavors/choices had been there.

Overall the product is a good run for its price. If at some point of time, your Vaseline gets a little boring; then feel free to make a quick shift to Jovees Lip Balm.

Until I come back with another interesting post, I wish you all a busy week ahead 😀 Tomorrow is Monday ! I am now gonna grab some motivations and push for preparing myself for a busy week ahead at office 😀 Take care lovely Girlssssssssss ! C ya soon !!!


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