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Hellooooooooo Girls  ! Hope you all had an amazing, relaxing and fun-filled festival/celebration these 3 days 😀 Are you still submerged in the festival mood or have you already started thinking about tomorrow’s day at office 😀 Some days back during ‘Ayudha Pooja’ I used to keep my books, music notes and pray to Lord Saraswathi to shower her blessings on me pertaining to both studies and music.

This time I couldn’t think of any other tool other than my beauty products that keeps me going these days and kept all my beauty tools/products in front of Goddess and prayed that I constantly explore more and more of these 😛 The best part about this festival season (to me) is specifically about savouring the sweetness of the festival-special-food cooked by mom 😀

Here I share a part of the sweetness for you all to savor the same 😀


Wait Wait ! This isn’t becoming a cookery blog now 😛 I am no where near to it and all I can handle is only from the tasting point of view. So basically this post doesn’t contain any of my product reviews but of course few external links to my reviews on other beauty blogs.

Ever since I started beauty blogging it became very exciting for me to explore other beauty blogs and when I found reviewing opportunities in other blogs, I was equally excited to contribute more and more to all readers out there. I decided to write frequently for other blogs but made it a point to continuously update my blog too :).

So for all who have missed my posts on other blogs, here is the external link for those.

Blog 1

Blog Name – Vanity No Apologies

Blog Link – http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/

My reviews on Vanity No Apologies

MAC Matchmaster Foundation – http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/08/mac-matchmaster-foundation-spf-15-swatch-and-review.html

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/09/mac-studio-fix-powder-plus-foundation-swatches-review-fotd.html

Loreal Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Passion Fruit Perfect (910) – http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2013/10/loreal-paris-glam-shine-balmy-gloss-passion-fruit-perfect-910-swatches-review.html

Blog 2

Blog Name – Guilty Bytes

Blog Link  – http://www.guiltybytes.com/

My reviews on Guilty Bytes

Loreal Paris Color Riche Nail Paint – http://www.guiltybytes.com/2013/09/review-loreal-paris-color-riche-nail.html

I shall definitely segregate them sometime soon under a separate menu once I commit for more posts in future 😀

Thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement showered without which it would have been unable for this blog to head successfully towards 2000 hits 😀 It definitely means a lot to me 😀 Thank you Girls 😀

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