November Vellvette Bag 2013

Before I begin with my post, what kept me so busy since a month?

1)      Adapting to new workplace

2)      Forcing myself to catch the company shuttle at sharp 10

3)      Missing shuttle everyday and promising myself to keep up the word the next day

4)      Attempting cooking since a while

5)      Forcing myself to be regular at gym

6)      Enrolling myself in a new Yoga programme

7)      Finding my wardrobe empty although I could see a couple of dresses (actually more than that :P)

8)      Shopping frequently thereby cribbing that I am not shopping at all

9)      Surrendering credit cards to my mom and convincing myself to take it only in case of emergency (the next emergency occurrence, shopping :P)

10)   Reminding myself to post everyday and convincing myself that I will do it in a while.

Ok so the list goes on and on…..Finally glad that I found some time to pen down the next post. I am too late to write this review of November Vellvette Bag Contents, however I guess this time it is quite important for me to pen down a couple of new experiences.

Last month had been quite hectic that I was very much pressed for time. However my friends gave me this privilege to continue writing about Vellvette bag as they had already placed orders for the next few months.

This time it’s going be about 3 November Vellvette Bags and their contents.

November Vellvette Theme – ‘Band Baja Beauty’

I was really excited about this theme when clues came popping up on Facebook and Twitter and I felt really bad for not ordering one for myself. I was too anxious to see what my friends had received.

This time I have a couple of points/feedback to Vellvette regarding this month experience. Due to the shift in my workplace, my friends/colleagues had to update the shipping address to the new office location which they had updated a month back. But unfortunately we were upset on day 1 when we were informed from the courier guy that our bags have been shipped to the old location 😦

Courier Guy – Ma’m I am in reception, could you please come and collect your packages?

Us – Sure, we are on the way

Courier Guy – Have you people reached?

Us – Yes, we are standing in reception too.

Courier Guy – I am in Tower A reception, where are you?

Us – We are also in Tower A reception?, Where are you?

(This goes for a while about half an hour)

Us – You are in Bellandur office right?

Courier Guy – Sorry Ma’m, I am in whitefield office as the shipping address is in whitefield only.

This made us really upset and we had to travel to our new office to collect the bags. Vellvette! , You got to keep in mind about the ‘Updates of Shipping Address’ as it is a very crucial entity in shipping.

So finally my friends received the November Vellvette bags!

First I must say that the bags look totally stunning. Pink is so adorable and the black Polka dots is such a perfect add-on. Such quality bags every month is definitely a big plus for Vellvette 😀

Take a look at the Trio collection 🙂

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag 2013

This time it seemed like each one received 3 products plus a Bonus product.

November Vellvette Bag Set 1

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag Set 2

November Vellvette Bag 2013

November Vellvette Bag Set 3

November Vellvette Bag 2013

(For one of my friends, the bonus product was present, but it isn’t mentioned in the above card).

Also the bonus product was placed outside the box but not inside , it didn’t look pleasing.

Also the guide for few of the products were missing 😦 (So we had to check individual usage guidelines on net)

I am sure Vellvette must be overloaded with orders this time, however perfection for each of its package is ultimately the most important aspect for a customer to continue her orders. Vellvette! , Please note these points too 🙂

Lipstick and Glitter eye-liner were my favorite ones this time and I wish Vellvette showers more products like these.

However, thanks to Vellvette for once again showering quality products in November, last but not the least, the final bag orders for this year is already out and I am sure Vellvette will keep up to the expectations by showering exciting products this time too. Go ahead and surprise your loved ones this Christmas and New Year 🙂

With that I will sign off for the day, will be back with another interesting post soon 🙂 Take care all and have a blessed week 🙂


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